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  • Staff Motivation – Effective ways to show your appreciation to employees and co-worker
  • Staff Motivation December 2017


    Here are few effective ways to show your appreciation to employees and co-workers;

    You can tell your colleagues, co-workers and employees how much you value them and their contribution any day of the year. Trust me. In fact, small surprises and tokens of your appreciation spread throughout the year help the people in your work life feel valued all year long.

    Looking for ideas about how to praise and thank co-workers and employees? The opportunities are endless and limited only by your imagination. In a workplace committed to creating an attitude of gratitude and employee recognition on a daily basis, every day should be an effective day. Employee recognition doesn’t have to be expensive and is appreciated by employees in almost any form.

    Company leaders appreciate a thank you from employees, too, when the organization takes time to recognize employees. The boss appreciates a thank you just as much as you do.

    Here are few effective ways to show your appreciation to employees and co-workers;

    Say thank you. Show your appreciation for their hard work and contributions. And, don’t forget to say please often as well. Social niceties do belong at work. A more gracious, polite workplace is appreciated by all

    Bring in some bakery stuff, doughnuts or another treat for staff and co-workers. Offerings such as cookies or cupcakes, that you’ve baked personally, are a huge hit. (Have you tried baking cupcakes in ice cream cones? People love them.) Another hit? Bring chocolate – chocolate anything. Bring in an ice cream and toppings bar that works for everyone

    Offer staff members flexible scheduling for the holidays, if feasible. If work coverage is critical, post a calendar so people can balance their time off with that of their co-workers. So that there will be a balance with every individual

    Take co-workers or staff to lunch for a birthday, a special occasion or for no reason at all. Let your guest pick the restaurant. Employee appreciation is never out-of-place. In fact, in many organizations, it’s often a scarce commodity. Make your workplace the exception. Use every opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude to employees
    Make career development commitments and a schedule

    Provide opportunities for the employee to determine his or her own goals and directions. Create opportunities where everyone can participate in idea-generation and decision making.