Workplace Mediation
Workplace mediation Workplace Mediation:


Enables the parties to a dispute to discuss their points of view in a ‘non-challenging’ environment to give the best chance of reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution of differences. Workplace mediation can provide a practical solution to an employment issue that would otherwise end up the subject of potentially protracted and costly formal proceedings. The presence of an experienced third party in workplace mediation can encourage both parties to reach agreement. Sometimes the “wood for the trees” effect can hinder a clear resolution as both sides will have become entrenched in their own way of looking at a situation. The intervention of neutral workplace mediation will often lead to at least a return to working relationships.

EMDS HR has a wealth of experience with Employment Law and can guide you on the best way to approach difficult issues.  Employment mediation can help deal with your issue effectively.

Sometimes, a heavy handed approach with discipline makes things worse!  Other times, you perhaps have been uncomfortable with discipline and haven’t been firm enough, and sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just cannot bring an employee round.

EMDS HR can guide you on how to “get tough” appropriately.

We can help with:

Reducing management time spent on difficult employees
Dispute resolution
Commitment to implementing negotiated agreements
Reduction in cost of complaints and disputes
Providing an independent listener to aggrieved employees
Improving working relationships
Call or e-mail us if you think you have a problem brewing, the sooner you act, the quicker we can solve the issue.