HR Support for small Businesses London and UK

HR Support for small Businesses London and UK

HR Support for smaller businesses in London, Hertfordshire and the UK

We can help in resolving Workplace disputes such as greivance or disciplinary matters, resulting in more harmoniuous Employee-Employer relationships!!

We can deliver a bespoke in-class Manager Training to develop your first-class future Leaders – No matter how small or large your business is we provide up to date HR advice.

Outsourced Fixed Fee HR Support & Legal Advice London, Hertfordshire & Across the UK

You might have a current HR department but need to employ additional staff. We can help bridge that gap at a cost that would be far cheaper than employing an additional member of staff.

If you are a small business that needs advice and support in drafting employment documents such as contracts of employment, company handbook and policies and procedures then we can help.

We can support your organisation through a restructure and redundancy situation – all of which can be complex and stressful. We can help take that burden from you.

We provide the following services:-

Telephone, emails and online support service;
Drafting of Contracts of Employment and Written Particulars of Employment;
Drafting of employee handbooks;
Equal opportunities policy and procedures;
On your doorstep support for grievance hearings, investigatory hearings, disciplinary and appeal hearings;
HR training;

We manage recruitment from end to end which means all you need to do is tell us the vacancy that needs to be filled and we’ll do the rest, ensuring you hire the best person for your organisation.

Elizabeth will be able to provide tailored advice on how meetings between employees and employers should be conducted, and how investigations related to grievances and disciplinary action should be carried out. If you are in need of assistance in dealing with any aspect of UK employment law, contact us now. We are here to help you, wherever you are based. We set up your HR Department structure and materials, for you to use as you grow!!

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