HR Consultancy London – HR Consultant London – HR Consulting London

HR Consultancy London – HR Consultant London – HR Consulting London

CONTRACTS – we supply straightforward employment contracts of all types from short term fixed to full time permanent and everything in between.

Alternatively we can review and revise what is currently in place. All our contracts are legally compliant and meet with UK employment law.

Handbooks – we create and deliver a compliant employee handbook that reflects your business values and ethos and is practical and user friendly.

EMPLOYEE ADMINISTRATION – we audit your current HR practices against UK employment statutory obligations, checking you are compliant.

APPRAISAL / PERFORMANCE REVIEW Рwe create a performance management structure that drives employee development and business growth.

POLICY – we love HR policy and procedures! Policy and procedure always sounds less appealing but without these employment basics you can leave yourself open to a number of tricky employment situations due to a lack of clarity around expected employee behaviours.

DIFFICULT EMPLOYEES  we support you in managing difficult employees. Whether that is managing an underperforming employee, a disciplinary, dealing with a grievance or supporting you through a dismissal.

REDUNDANCY – unfortunately there are situations when a business has to make employees redundant. We guide you through the process ensuring you meet your statutory obligations and deal with this issue with a professional approach.

We provide practical solutions to support you when recruiting staff, developing employee skills, writing employment contracts or employee handbooks, establishing HR policies and procedures, dealing with redundancy or restructuring or resolving HR problems.

We help you lead, motivate and develop high performing managers and teams.