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    Our goal is that you get the most out of your workforce. Better performance means better profitability for you. Take Advantage of our Expertise with a Little Free Coaching On Your Tough Situation.

    Our services include: Personal interviews of employees, managers and other required personnel.

    Assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing management processes, policies and practices against predetermined standards. Ascertaining the level of compliance with laws and regulations, industry standards and organizational policies.

    Suggesting and implementing corrective measures by identifying policies and procedures that are not followed. Identifying the need for additional training and retraining.

    Developing HR auditing procedures that become an ongoing and sustainable element of the organization’s internal controls.

    We also offer a Counselling and Mediation Service. Employee troubles need not bother you, we can find bonding excercises/events that will help your people

    We can help in areas of employment law. Our aim is to find the best solution for senior managers, asssisting them in areas of legal compliance.

  • Redundancy

    1) Redundancy 2017! 1. Explore alternative employment for redundant employees as an integral part of the redundancy process An employer that dismisses an employee for redundancy without considering whether or not there is alternative employment [...]

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    It is crucial for employers to give well-rationalised consideration to the disciplinary sanction and to get the balance right, as the outcome must fall within a range of reasonable responses to limit the risk of future repercussions. It is often said[...]

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  • Please Contact EMDS with Your Requirements. 2018! How much does an outsourced service cost? It is important to establish up front the way in which the outsourced service is billed. By and large, the cost of the service varies depending on the level [...]

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    www.emds-hrconsulting.com We can assist you with disciplinary investigations or hearing. Call Elizabeth TODAY! 07828769044 It is paramount that policies and procedures are followed to ensure a fair and consistent process but some managers still need [...]

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