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  • In recent years there has been a number of changes to employment law and if you haven’t reviewed your policies and procedures recently you could be breaking the law. We will help review your existing policies and procedures to ensure that they are complying to the law.

    All human resource policies, practices and procedures are reviewed under HR Audits.

    Our services include:

    Personal interviews of employees, managers and other required personnel.
    Assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of the existing management processes, policies and practices against predetermined standards.
    Ascertaining the level of compliance with laws and regulations, industry standards and organizational policies.
    Suggesting and implementing corrective measures by identifying policies and procedures that are not followed.
    Identifying the need for additional training and retraining.
    Developing HR auditing procedures that become an ongoing and sustainable element of the organisation’s internal controls.

    As external specialists we offer an impartial and objective analysis of the functioning and the needs of a company and of the people it employs. An HR audit implies: Analysing employee satisfaction as regards the working environment / Evaluating their thinking on working conditions, communication, leadership, team spirit, management practices and personal development / Discovering where staff have problems with the company and the environment they are in / Using the findings, proposing what concrete changes are necessary and appropriate.

    Methodology: Definition of the setting (objectives, confidentiality, use of results…) / Analysis of existing data / Interviews with staff and management / Sight inspection / Analysis of information collected / Production of a summary report with recommendations for the business / communication.