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  • HR Assistance and Advice

    It is crucial for employers to give well-rationalised consideration to the disciplinary sanction and to get the balance right, as the outcome must fall within a range of reasonable responses to limit the risk of future repercussions.

    It is often said that staff are the most important asset of a business. Good staff are essential to customer service, productivity and reputation. It is therefore important to make sure that your business can attract and retain talented members of staff, and maximise their contribution to it.

    Employment legislation is constantly changing, and employers can all too easily find themselves held back by a tide of seemingly endless red tape. We can provide an "HR Health Check" to ensure your compliance with current employment legislation.

    Whether you are a new business looking to take on your first member of staff, or an established firm looking to merge or even downsize, our HR services can help.

    EMDS can provide expert HR advice on an ongoing or ad-hoc basis depending on your specific needs. We also offer access to the latest techniques in the field of HR, designed to help you to get the best from your employees.

    Our efficient, cost-effective services include:

    Employment law compliance
    Employment dispute resolution
    Performance management
    Employee benefits

    We can work with you either on site or remotely to help you manage and deal with any issues that need resolving, maximising your human resource whilst protecting your business. We work with organisations across all sectors, and our skilled HR consultants have a wide variety of experience that enables us to swiftly and professionally handle any challenge.

  • One Doesn't Fit All!!

    We get to know you as a client so we can understand the culture you want to develop or maintain in your organisation. We’ll carry out an HR Health Check on your documents and policies and provide an assessment of how compliant your documents are with current employment law and HR best practice.