Administrative Expert! 
Be the first point of contact for all HR-related queries
Administer HR-related documentation, such as contracts of employment
Ensure the relevant HR database is up to date, accurate and complies with legislation
Assist in the recruitment process
Liaise with recruitment agencies
Set up interviews and issue relevant correspondence

“Administrative” is related to the management side of the organisation. One could view everything an HR manager does as being related to management. Most tasks are either related to managing HR issues or running the whole organization. HR managers perform specific duties that help their departments and the organisation operate more efficiently. For example, an HR manager helps the organization maintain compliance with many employment laws and standard practices. Organizations do this more efficiently through effective implementation of a human resources information system. This gives managers automated ways to ensure that personnel processes comply with the law.
As an administrative expert, we will be your information manager, and we will be able to discover new and evolving trends that will be beneficial to your company. We are professionals, and can manageHR budgets (recruitment, selection, training and development, etc), and we are good negotiators in times of salary decisions.